Review Policy

If you're an author and/or publisher and wish for me to review your book please read my entire review policy before contacting me. Make sure your book is something that I'd like to read and review, and chances are, neither of us will be disappointed.

Genres I accept:

  • Young adult
  • Contemporary
  • Fantasy
  • Science Fiction
  • Graphic novels
  • Historical Fiction
  • Romance

Genres I do NOT accept:
  • All of Non-fiction, including:
    • Biographies
    • Cookbooks
  • Christian Romance (or any other kind of religion-centered romance)
  • Erotica

I reserve the right not to publish a review with a time limit.  If you wish to have your book reviewed in my blog, and I've accepted to review it, I will do so, but unless it's an advanced reader's copy I might not publish it right away.
I will review any ARCs I accept within a few days of the release date and not earlier since my style of reviewing includes spoilers.

I am a very approachable person - if you have any questions please just ask.
Please direct all inquiries to

Rating System

I did not like it at all. I might have even given up on it. There was nothing redeemable about it in my opinion.
I didn't enjoy it at all, but I can see that some people might. It still had no appeal to me and I had to force myself through to finish it.
It had potential but it wasn't well done, and it didn't really surprise me. I was disappointed and/or struggled to get through it.
The idea was great and there were even some moments that sparked my attention, but it still felt flat or didn't rise to my expectations.
 It was okay. The idea was good and I liked how it was done but it didn't really speak to me.
 The idea was great but I most likely didn't or couldn't connect with the characters to properly enjoy the storyline.
 This was a great concept and I really liked how it was handled. There were just somethings that took away from the story.
 It was incredible and I loved it. There was just something lacking and/or underdeveloped that I thought could have been done slightly better.
This is life. I most likely cried while reading. It was inspiring, heart-breaking and has now joined the tight and select circle of my favourite books.

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