About me

My name is Francisca.
I've been rating and reviewing books since 2009 on GoodReads and reading much longer than that, so at the beginning of 2015 I decided to take that love and passion for reading and sharing my opinions of books with other people and take the next step by setting up a platform where I could do this freely - and thus the blog was born.
I'm in my twenties and currently at university studying Sociology, and wish to work in the publishing industry one day. I also have a big nightmarish writing project that has been on progress for the last 3 or 4 years and still shows no signs of ending. I have hope though.
I'm an extremely cranky and emotional reader. Although I seldom cry while reading, I do get intensely emotionally invested very easily and my mood tends to swing according to what I'm reading. Or watching. It works with TV series, too.
I'm currently trying to post every two days with two reviews coming out every week. I'll be working very hard to try and keep this rhythm.
I don't bite (anymore - there haven't been any such problems since I was about 3) and I'm always willing to discuss what I read and my opinions with other people, whether or not you agree with my assessment of the book. That is one of the best things about the Internet, honestly.

If you are an author and/or publisher and wish to request a review, I am currently accepting reviews, but I ask that you please read my rating and review policy first.

You can contact me at goawayimreadingbookblog@gmail.com or on the social media icons in the sidebar.

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