28 Mar 2016

[Travelling] Rome

So last month I had the amazing opportunity of going to one of my dream holiday destinations, Rome. My boyfriend's family very kindly asked me whether I wanted to go with them, and I really couldn't refuse. I was a bit afraid that the weather would lessen our experience of the city, but we were extremely fortunate and it was only rainy on the last day there. 
Rome was one of those destinations that books made me want to go to. It was firstly because twelve year-old me was obsessed with mythology and read every single book I could find on it. Usually those books were huge non-fiction library books, the kind that only university students bother reading - it hadn't even crossed my mind that something like Percy Jackson might exist, which is why I only read those books last year. I had a serious fixation on Greek and Roman mythology.
I couldn't wait to go to Rome and Athens and be able to enjoy that much history and mythology.
A few years later, when the mythological fever had abated a bit, I read Dan Brown's Angels and Demons, which made all that desire of going to Rome surge up again.
I can honestly say that I was completely awestruck during those few days we were in Rome. It was wonderfully satisfying, at at the same time, it lit up a hunger for more. I wouldn't say I'm done with Rome - I feel like there's too much left to explore -, and I will definitely return.

 Have you ever been to Rome? Would you like to? Let me know! :)

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